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Mars square Saturn

Your confidence is missing

Kelli Fox

If you try to reach out to someone special during this three-week transit, you might not be as successful as you'd hope. You could feel inadequate in some way, vulnerable and insecure about your ability to find the love you're looking for. That sense of inadequacy will come out on a subtle but important level to whoever you pursue romantically; like a dog sensing fear, that potential sweetie will sense your inner frustration and they'll instinctively respond in a way that will make you feel even more frustrated.

Part of the problem is that you're impatient at this time; you really want to make something happen, and you're even willing to push boundaries just to force some movement. But that's not a good way to get a relationship started; the kind of person that would attract is probably not someone you'd actually want to be involved with long-term. Another part of the problem is that, on a deep level within yourself, you believe during this period that if you reach out to someone special, you'll fail. Sadly, believing in your own failure is one of the surest ways to fail. Wait a few weeks for this energy to pass, and your confidence will return.

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