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Mars square Pluto

Disagreements and power struggles

Kelli Fox

You could get into a really competitive space with a potential sweetie at this time -- and they might not be so sweet, or at least they won't seem to be. This transit will present power struggles galore, and it will be up to you to figure out how to deal with them. The truth is, your impulse almost every time will be to argue, manipulate, struggle and resist -- whatever it takes to push off this threatening influence.

Except you might imagine that someone's challenging you, when they really aren't doing that at all. Whether it's you or them, the feeling will be the same. You'll struggle and it won't be any fun. If someone you've been interested in turns out not to be the nicest person in the world, you might get a strong vindictive urge to do something to get back at them -- but if that happens, don't do it. Just let them go, as hard as it is, and keep going along your own path. Revenge and vindictiveness are never a good idea. In fact, the best idea during this difficult transit might be to divert all your strong energy into something at home or work -- gardening, maybe, or getting that big report or other project done at the office.

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