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Mars square Mars

Doing inappropriate things

Kelli Fox

You're feeling impulsive now, and while you might take that as a prompt to act out however you're feeling, you really might regret it later. These three weeks could be really challenging for you. You're likely to stick your foot in your mouth at the very least, saying things you'll later wish you hadn't.

Your grasp of what's appropriate or inappropriate is made very tenuous by the energies of this transit; if you're attracted to someone special at this time, you'll either spark arguments with them or you'll find that they're of an aggressive nature themselves, and they'll pick fights with you. Whoever starts it, it won't be any fun for you or for them! Explosive energy is the name of the game at this time, so you might do much better to get work done around the house or the yard and avoid dating altogether until this energy passes. Otherwise, you might push away someone that you could have had a really nice connection with. You'll probably make the wrong impression on anyone that doesn't know you, so stick to your friends at this time -- the people who already know how to handle you when you're feeling feisty.

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