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Mars square Juno

All the wrong moves

Kelli Fox

You've got your eye on the goal now -- a long-lasting, emotionally and physically satisfying love relationship -- but it could seem during these three weeks like everything you do to try to make it happen just goes wrong. You might be attracted to the wrong people; for example, you could think you're striking up a flirtation with someone who's as commitment-minded as you are, only to find out that they're just looking for a fling. Or you could be overly aggressive with someone who needs more subtlety and sensitivity than that, or overly passive with someone who's attracted to strength and dynamism.

Well, try not to take it too hard. If it doesn't happen with someone, it just means they're not the right person for you, or that your timing was just off. There's nothing wrong with that; and if you think about it, every flirtation that doesn't go anywhere leads you one step closer to the one that's going to go exactly where you want it to go -- love, commitment, support, affection and long-term romance. So in the meantime, hang in there. And do try to read that special someone's signals; it could help you fare a little better during this tough time.

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