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Mars sextile Uranus

Sudden passions

Kelli Fox

Don't stay at home during this three-week transit -- but you probably don't need to be prompted on that score! You're feeling restless and energetic, and more than ready for something new and fun in your life. Could that be a new and fun special someone?

Could be -- you're feeling adventurous and daring, willing to reach out to that hottie you've had your eye on, even if they're not your normal type. You've got a taste in your mouth for the unusual, so you could end up accepting dates with some strange and interesting people. That's a good thing, as this transit is all about opening you up to new experiences. You want to follow your impulses instead of following the plan. If you're normally a careful planner, this should be an eventful and enlightening three weeks. Your dates will be excited by your unpredictable nature at this time, even if they find it a little frustrating to try to pin you down. But you don't want to be pinned down, or held back! You want to be free, to have fun, to follow your instincts and wherever experience leads you. And so you should.

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