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Mars sextile Sun

Strong and healthy

Kelli Fox

Your confidence is on high, you're feeling strong and healthy, and you want to get out there and mingle, or more. So get out there! These three weeks are the perfect time not just to make contact with that special someone, but get out into the world with them and get to know them through activity instead of just conversation and flirtation.

You're likely to have some good talks, though, because your mind is active and humming, and you're not one during this time to back down from your beliefs and convictions. But you won't pick fights; instead, you've still got your tact intact. You're able now to let that hottie be who they are, and you can be who you are, and your great attitude about all your similarities and differences will help both of you delight in your interactions. You could get into some spirited debates -- or you might not want to waste time talking, and instead you'll race Go-Karts or play Frisbee in the park or go out dancing, anything else that's fun and that lets you interact on a physical level as well as a mental one. You're likely to be very sexually attracted and attractive at this time, which is a fun boost for any new bond.

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