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Mars sextile Saturn

Laying the groundwork

Kelli Fox

This won't not be the most wild, love- and excitement-filled transit. If you go out with someone during these weeks, don't expect to get swept off your feet, or to do the sweeping. Instead, you're more about discipline, practicality and sustained effort at this time.

You're not necessarily going to run off to Vegas to marry that hottie you've had your eye on; no, instead, you'll get to know them in a slow and deliberate way, because your mind is on your future, on your needs and desires in a love relationship. You want to lay some really good groundwork for a long-term affair instead of just flirting and acting silly with some cutie pie that you'll forget about next week. You'll impress your potential sweetheart with your serious intentions and your sincere desire to find love; in fact, you'll project the vibe not of someone who's looking to find love, but to create it. That's a very sensible way to look at relationships, because even the best ones take conscious work and effort. This is an excellent time to put that in motion. If you decide to romance someone now, you'll do it in careful, deliberate steps designed to subtly knock their socks off.

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