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Mars sextile Mercury

Get moving

Kelli Fox

You're feeling positive and confident during the three weeks of this transit, which makes this a great time to get together with that special someone, or to start up an email flirtation. You're very in touch with your own opinions and perceptions of the world, but you're also able to listen to other people and respect their opinions as well. That's a great foundation for a new relationship!

You'll make your potential sweetie feel great -- excited to hear what you have to say and eager to tell you what they think. You could have a real meeting of the minds now, with great, flowing conversations and even a fun, friendly debate or two. If you're attracted to someone long-distance, this transit could present you with the urge and the opportunity to go visit them, because you want to get out into the world and connect with people. Or, you might cover the distance via telephone or email. Anything that gets you talking and connects you with someone special is a good thing at this time, so by all means, speak up. Don't stay quiet if you're attracted to someone new; reach out and tell them how you feel.

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