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Mars sextile Mars

Leader of the pack

Kelli Fox

You're feeling confident and energetic, and those qualities will make a good impression on that special someone if you reach out to them at this time. Which you should -- this is not a transit for sitting passively by while life runs ahead without you. You should be leading the pack during these three weeks!

It's as if a new energy has infused your limbs, making you enthusiastic and energetic, and ready to reach out to that special someone. A date that combines physical activity with a get-to-know-you setting would be perfect; go bowling together or play pool, and your conversation will be as fun and vibrant as the game. If you feel restless during this time, you're less likely to let it frustrate you than you are to put it to good use. You might want to take an impromptu day trip out of town to satisfy your urge to roam; invite that hottie along as a fun, unusual date that will get you both loosened up and talking. If there's no one special on your horizon at this time, you'll still get a lot done around the house and at work, and you'll be motivated to work out. But wouldn't it be more fun to put your energies to use in a romantic realm? So reach out to someone special and have a good time.

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