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Mars sextile Jupiter

No need to limit yourself

Kelli Fox

These three weeks are a great time to go out on a date with someone special, or better yet, to keep your options open and go out with a few people -- keeping it all tasteful and respectful, of course. Your energies are running high at this time, and you have a very optimistic and positive view of romance, other people and the world at large. This transit is all about limitless possibilities, so unless there's one very special person who has caught your eye, why limit yourself romantically?

You should be out there, meeting people, getting to know them and figuring out who you work well with and who's not the best match for you. Doing something sporty or otherwise active is a great way to work off some of your excess energy at this time. Take a date to the bowling alley or the park for some Frisbee golf. This transit is also about personal growth, so through dating and getting to know people, you're likely to make strides in your understanding of yourself and what you're looking for in a romantic relationship. You'll be very attracted at this time to people who can show you something unexpected and completely new about life.

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