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Mars sextile Juno

A sexy combination of qualities

Kelli Fox

You're feeling assertive and passionate during this three-week period. You're very much in tune with yourself, your needs and your desires in love, and you're not willing to settle for anything less than what you really, truly want. What a wonderful foundation for making something truly amazing happen in your love life!

You're in the perfect position to initiate contact with someone who could become very special to you, because you're not going to waste time with anyone who doesn't have potential to be The One for you; you won't even be attracted to anyone like that. You're tuned in to real possibilities, and you've got a plan for how you're going to make it happen. And your plan should rely on confidence and personal charisma, because you've got a lot of both at this time. You'll wow anyone you turn your charms on; you're feeling strong and positive, and that's very sexy. If you begin a flirtation during this transit, it has a good chance of turning into something significant and long-term. If it happens to fizzle into nothing, well, you'll know that means you're just that much closer to realizing your dreams.

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