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Mars opposite Venus

Keep your hands to yourself

Kelli Fox

You're feeling very sexual and sexy now, and you really want to make that connection with someone. But you know you shouldn't just run out and grab the first person you see, and even if there's someone special on your horizon, you still might not be anywhere near the point at which physical expression of your feelings for them would be at all appropriate. So what are you going to do with all this extra energy, this big need that's only seeming to increase with every second during this three-week transit?

Part of the problem with the energy during this period is that, if you do get physical with someone now, it might not even be satisfying. You're likely to focus too much on your bodily urges and ignore the emotional component completely, which is actually the side of sex that really makes it worth experiencing. After all, if it's just your body that's involved, you could get the job done on your own, right? So instead of pushing for what will end up being an empty, meaningless encounter, you should try to keep your hands to yourself and focus instead on making an emotional connection with that hottie.

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