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Mars opposite Uranus

Sudden arguments

Kelli Fox

This transit could bring the end of a flirtation that has been fun for you up till now. If you've been getting to know someone special recently, your feelings toward them could change during the three weeks of this transit, as fast as lightning. All of a sudden, you'll see them as limiting you, trying to hold you back -- even if all they're doing is trying to get to know you.

You won't care to find out what their real motivations are; you're just interested in throwing off the chains that you think are binding you. Whether you do this in a tactful way or an angry, burning-bridges way is up to you -- but it's likely that you'll be at least somewhat aggressive. This transit's energy will excite yours, and not in the best way. You'll feel irritable and you might get into sudden arguments, both with people that you know well and people you hardly know at all, like that potential sweetie. It's also possible that someone else will be angry and aggressive with you, and you'll have to stand up for yourself unexpectedly. Either way, expect upsets and sudden disagreements during this transit. You might want to stay away from people you don't know until this energy passes.

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