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Mars opposite Sun

This could go either way

Kelli Fox

This three-week transit has two different possibilities, one of them more difficult than the other. Your energies are aroused at this time, and if you don't handle that well, you could get irritable and argumentative as a result. If that's the case, it's not a good time to go on a date or initiate contact with someone new, because you're just going to get into arguments with this person that you don't even know.

However, that's not the only way you could be influenced by the energies of this transit. The more positive possibility is if you've already started a flirtation with someone special, or even a brand-new relationship, and this transit marks a really amazing, exciting climax in the relationship! Yes, it could be that kind of climax...or it could be a declaration of your mutual affection, or a talk with your potential sweetie that leads you both to agree not to date anyone else. The possibilities of this transit are completely open and depend almost entirely on you -- on your natural energy, and on what you've been doing in your dating life for the past few weeks or months. Is there someone special on the horizon? Do you tend to be argumentative? Wait and see...

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