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Mars opposite Saturn

A short fuse

Kelli Fox

Don't spend time with someone who doesn't already know you, because they could get the wrong impression. You've got a short fuse now; you're irritable, often for good reason, and ready to react against any slight, imagined or real. If you go out on a date, your honey might pick up on your mood and start antagonizing you on purpose!

Even if this doesn't happen, you're short on patience; flirtation and romance aren't really your cup of tea right now. Someone might push your buttons -- it could be that special someone, or just someone at work or in your daily life -- and you won't know how to stand up for yourself, so you'll just bottle up the resentment inside. Even if your date isn't the one who set you off in the first place, they might receive the brunt of your irritation or at least pick up on the vibe, which they could easily take personally since they won't know where it's coming from or why you're suddenly so angry and dogmatic. In general it seems like others conspire to block your forward progress, in romance and every other arena of your life as well. The good news? This frustration will last about three weeks, and then life will get back to normal. Whew!

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