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Mars opposite Pluto

Potential for obsession

Kelli Fox

Whatever you're trying to get going on a dating or romantic level may or may not work out in the end; during this transit, all you can expect is that any flirtation with a potential sweetie isn't likely to flow smoothly. The best you can do is to bear with the troublesome energy and try not to struggle against it. If you do struggle, you're likely to get into arguments, including with that special someone that you may not know very well yet.

You also run the risk at this time of becoming obsessed with someone you're attracted to, and you might try to manipulate the situation in the name of getting something going with them. Remember, though -- obsession isn't the same as a real connection; it's one-sided at best. Manipulation never works for long; it could end up really ticking off that special person, and they won't want to get to know you any further. So stick to aboveboard tactics in your dating life, despite any urges you may have to manipulate things behind the scenes. Your best course for this transit is to stay active and social, but don't fixate too closely on any one person. Put your energy into yourself. You have a chance to better yourself now.

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