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Mars opposite Mercury

Faced with unexpected challenges

Kelli Fox

It's likely that you'll feel irritable during the three weeks of this transit, but even if you feel normal, you'll probably find that you're getting into a lot of arguments and coming up against unexpected challenges in almost every interaction you have with other people. This might not be the best time to get in touch with someone special or go out on a date, because you might put your foot in your mouth, say things you'll regret later or actually get into an argument -- with this person that you don't even really know! You might be subconsciously attracted to argumentative types who are more interested in challenging you than they are in getting to know you, but it's more likely that you're the one who is putting out the fractious energy and making things tense.

You'll just take offense needlessly and misread signals coming from your potential sweetie. Your judgment and perception are clouded now, so you'll have a hard time getting an accurate read on someone. That means this isn't a great time to get to know someone new. You probably won't see them in a true light, and you could accidentally push them away before your relationship even gets on solid ground.

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