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Mars opposite Mars

Overly assertive

Kelli Fox

You're feeling assertive, more than willing to go after the object of your desires -- and though confidence can be very sexy, you might push it too far at this time. You're not in tune with your potential sweetie's signals, or their boundaries; during this three-week transit, the most important thing to you is what you want and how you're going to get it. If you go after that special someone, you might not even realize it if they're resisting your advances every step of the way, until they make you notice with an outright statement of their total lack of interest.

And no one likes to be faced with a big, loud NO WAY! So don't push it that far. Part of the problem at this time is that you might not even be acting from a place of your own desires and needs; maybe you're more motivated by a sense that you should be getting something going in your love life because it's been a long time, or because all your friends are starting up romances, or because your parents have been after you about settling down. But none of those are good reasons to force a relationship where one's not happening naturally. Waiting for the right person to come along is the right thing to do, no matter how hard it might be.

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