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Mars opposite Juno

Not feeling the vibe

Kelli Fox

You could feel during this three-week transit like you're suspended over the water on a rope swing that's moving back and forth, back and forth -- but never quite settling in the middle so you can jump, safely and comfortably. You know what you want in love; thoughts of your ideal long-term relationship might be strong in your mind now. But how to make that ideal turn into a reality?

That one's not so easy, at least not right now. You might be attracted to someone who's just not into you in the same way, and your advances won't go anywhere. Or maybe you think you're being obvious about how you feel about this person, but nothing you're doing is getting through to them. Somehow, your efforts toward finding and keeping love are going to be thwarted during this period. The most frustrating thing about it might be that you'll keep thinking you're hitting the mark, really making a connection with someone...only to swing to the other end of the rope, where you feel farther away from that person than when you started. This can be a tough, confusing transit; take comfort in the fact that it only comes around every couple of years.

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