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Mars conjunct Venus

Unbridled energy

Kelli Fox

Woo-woo -- you're in the mood to get it on with that hottie you've been eyeing! Your sexual confidence is running strong, and you're definitely up for going out with someone special and getting a little closer. Just don't make any stupid decisions; this transit lasts about three weeks, and it makes you impulsive and very, very passionate, which can be a bad combination when that energy is focused in the wrong direction.

You should take the time to get to know someone before becoming physically intimate with them. Otherwise, you might get in over your head, because physical intimacy is a false intimacy when compared to emotional closeness. So only take that step with someone with whom you've already laid down an emotional foundation. It's possible during this transit that your desires will be thwarted, if, for example, your passion is directed toward someone who doesn't know you well and doesn't want to get physically involved yet. That could be really frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. Try to be levelheaded about it if you have to contain your energies for a while longer.

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