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Mars conjunct Sun

Your vital self

Kelli Fox

Your energies are on high during this three-week transit, and this period comes around only once every couple of years, so you should definitely take advantage of it. Especially if you're normally a shy type, this is your time to shine. You can get out there and make a connection with just about anyone, because you're so vitally yourself.

The only thing to watch out for is being too pushy or forward, because while confidence is attractive, aggressiveness isn't. No one likes to feel like they're being steamrolled by a potential mate, and coming on too strong can make people build up walls against you. So try to keep yourself in check. Remember: Confidence is good; arrogance and aggressiveness are bad. Don't argue with your potential sweetie if you go out on a date; let them be who they are, and be who you are. Don't be overly aggressive if you play a game together; it's okay if you lose, or if you let them shine a little brighter than you (just this once!). After all, isn't it more important to make a real connection than to show off? Sure it is. So be yourself, but leave room for that special someone to shine, too. You'll have a great time if you do.

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