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Mars conjunct Saturn

Short on patience

Kelli Fox

This period of three weeks or so won't be the best time to try to get a new relationship going, because you're short on patience and you could misinterpret that special someone's brand of flirting as actually trying to get your goat in some way. It's less likely that they're actually challenging you, and more likely that you're misinterpreting their signals as an obstacle to whatever your agenda might be. You're just not a people person at this time.

Some old frustration is bubbling to your surface, making you short-tempered and cranky, and ready to get full-blown angry. You'd be better off channeling that energy into working hard, because you've got a tremendous capacity during this transit for focused attention on difficult work. You might feel a little bit lonely or even depressed, but as long as you keep in mind that this, too, shall pass, you should be okay. You can accomplish anything work-related that you set your mind to, but speculative ventures -- like romance and getting a new relationship off the ground -- might not fare so well under the current energy.

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