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Mars conjunct Pluto

Full of passion; maybe too much so

Kelli Fox

The three weeks of this transit could be very strange. You're full of passion now, and if you have someone toward whom you can direct it, you could get very intense indeed. You'll come on strong with anyone you're attracted to, because you can really feel your inner power and you want to use it.

You're interested in your own agenda more than you are in other people's needs or desires; that's just the nature of this transit -- it brings your ego to the forefront and makes you pursue your desires in an intense and focused way. Problems could come if you're too controlling with a potential lover, or if you actually get into a clash of wills with someone. You're so interested in what you want and so willing to go after it that you could forget all the rules of propriety and just ruthlessly stake your claim -- despite the protests of that special someone or whoever else might get in your way! Needless to say, that's no way to conduct a relationship, and it's likely to be a big turnoff to anyone who isn't into being claimed like a piece of property. You might do better to stay away from dating for a few weeks, and put your energy into yard work or something else physical.

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