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Mars conjunct Neptune

Confusion and insecurity

Kelli Fox

This might not be the best time to make contact with someone new, simply because you'll be in such a confused state of mind that you might not have a good time out on a date. You could feel insecure and less than excited or happy, which won't be fun for anyone. You'll be in a strange state of mind; you might feel simultaneously restless and annoyed with the status quo, but also lacking in energy and the drive it would take to actually change things.

This confusing push-pull of emotions could make you irritable and touchy, and less than a barrel of monkeys for your friends or your potential sweetie to hang around. Thank goodness this transit lasts only three weeks! If you can, don't take your emotions too seriously during this period; it's just the energy of the transit affecting you, and any feelings of depression or anxiety will pass. If you do go out with someone new now, stay away from bars and happy hours! Anything you do that clouds your judgment even the least little bit will have a bigger effect now than at other times; you could really compound your problems if you go out drinking.

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