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Mars conjunct Mercury

On the defensive

Kelli Fox

The three weeks of this transit could present a real challenge in making a connection with that special someone. For some reason, your ego is overly connected with your mouth at this time, which means you could be defensive when there's no reason to be. You just really want to take a stand and represent your opinions and perceptions in a strong way, but the way in which you do it could be a real turnoff to a potential sweetie.

At the very least, you could suffer at this time from foot-in-mouth disease. Your tact has flown out the window and you speak impulsively, saying whatever comes into your head -- even things that you'd normally never say since you'd know how offensive they were. Now, you'll speak strongly and passionately during this transit, which could really help you out at work, for example, if you need to make a case or sell your position; but in dating matters, this energy might be too fractious to really make a good connection with someone. You're too likely to be on the defensive, or to antagonize someone for no reason. If you do start up a flirtation at this time, take care to be extra sensitive.

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