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Mars conjunct Mars

A time for new beginnings

Kelli Fox

This transit should not be spent sitting on the couch, waiting for life to happen to you. Your energies are running high during these three weeks, and you should put them to good use. But it's the 'good' part that could be difficult.

This transit is all about new beginnings, getting things started that you're going to want to pursue for some time to come. So if there's someone special on your horizon, by all means, reach out to them and make contact. If you go out on a date, make it something active -- team sports would be good, or canoeing together down the river. Your energies are best expressed in a physical way, and that does not necessarily mean getting physical with that hottie, especially if you don't know them yet! Instead, you'll have to find other outlets. If you can't find an outlet, you could get really restless, even irritable. For this reason, now may or may not be a great transit for getting to know someone new. If they go for your advances, then that's great -- you'll feel good and you'll take things to the next level. However, if they resist your attention, or if circumstances force you to take a passive role, you could feel really frustrated.

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