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Mars conjunct Jupiter

Feeling lucky, even overly optimistic

Kelli Fox

You're feeling exuberant and energetic, kind of like a little puppy -- ready to get into any kind of trouble you can find! If you're attracted to someone during this transit, it could go either way, because either they'll be able to match your energy and you'll have a great time together, or you'll be too much for them to handle. And even if you do have a great time with someone while out on a date, you might have a little too much fun.

You're confident to the point of overconfidence; don't go play Bingo with that special someone, much less going to an actual casino or racetrack, because you might put way too much money down since you're feeling so lucky. Alternatively, you might misread the signals that hottie is putting out and go too far with them, thinking you're being really sexy and confident when they're actually finding you overbearing. If you can stay sensitive to signals while still being your confident, energetic self, you'll have a great three weeks. As long as you don't push things too far, your high energy will be a really fun experience for you and whoever you hook up with at this time.

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