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Jupiter trine Uranus

Experience someone new and different

Kelli Fox

You'll feel a strong need to break out of your normal routine during this transit, and it's a great time to do so. When it comes to dating, you might be tired of the same old, same old -- dinner and a movie, polite conversation, blah, blah, blah. Why not spice it up a little?

Go for a day trip with your potential sweetie, antiquing in the country. Or if that's still too tame for your tastes, you could visit a monster truck rally together for some noise and action! Or leave it up to your date to think of something unique and exciting. You're probably attracted to unusual types now anyway, and they might have some great ideas for how to break out of the routine of dating. You might do things during these few months just for novelty's sake, which is okay; as long as you're safe about it. You're searching for inner truth at this time, and you can find it through your interactions with other people. Dates with people of a different culture will really open up your mind and put you in touch with your own past and upbringing. Your only homework during this time is to stay open to any and all opportunities that might come your way.

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