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Jupiter trine Sun

Lazy contentment

Kelli Fox

You'll feel so good during this four-month transit that you might be inspired to do nothing at all, but that definitely wouldn't be the best use of this energy. You're feeling happy and content with your life, which is wonderful; but with just a bit of extra energy and initiative, you can really make wonderful things happen with the help of this transit's energy. You might be inclined to sit around and just enjoy life, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Any date you go on during this period might include a rich meal at a fancy restaurant, because you're in the mood to treat yourself, and so you should. And if you start to put on a few extra pounds because of being so self-indulgent, then get outside. You can have a fun date that's also active just as easily as you can enjoy someone's company over roast duck and creme brulee. Ask that special someone to take a walk or a jog with you, or to play Frisbee in the park, or to go hiking in the mountains or through the hills. Exercising your body is highlighted now, as is using your brain. You could also ask your potential sweetie to accompany you to a cooking class or a lecture.

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