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Jupiter trine Saturn

Making a new plan

Kelli Fox

If you end up spending a lot of time alone during this transit, don't be surprised, or discouraged. It's not that you'll be dropping out of the dating game, and it shouldn't even be a lonely period. Instead, this transit is all about growth on an important personal level.

You have a practical outlook now; you can make plans about your dating life and your search for love, or you can focus your energies more toward other areas of your life, such as work or your responsibilities to your family. How you use this time is up to you. Unless there are other transits concurrent with this one that spark up your amorous energy and make you feel romantic, you may be more focused on duties and hard work, because this particular transit doesn't really put you in a frame of mind for love or flirtation. Instead, it makes you think about advancing yourself or your life. If you feel you've been going about the dating game in the wrong way -- being attracted to the wrong people, maybe, or spending too much time flirting and not enough time really getting to know people -- this would be a great time to reassess your game plan and make plans for future success.

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