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Jupiter trine Neptune

Anything is possible

Kelli Fox

You're on a higher mental plane than the rest of us during this four-month transit. Anyone you're attracted to will appeal to you for their mind, their philosophy, or their attraction to your philosophical bent. The only trouble is, you could idealize them, or vice versa; but in general, this should be a sweet, easy, dreamy period of time in which you connect with that special someone at a deeper level than just the common, surface-level flirtation.

If you start a new romance during this period, chances are good that it will work out wonderfully for both of you. Your fantasies about your potential sweetie will be very well developed, which will make for a really hot romantic connection! You'll also see right into their soul, because your powers of deep perception are so strong during this period. You might get addicted to this special person, if you're not careful -- or they could get addicted to you, for the kind of intense attention you pay them. Even though the odds are good of a new romance working out, don't set your expectations too high. Disappointment is a real possibility on the other end of this transit, which makes you feel that anything is possible.

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