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Jupiter trine Mercury

A period of communication

Kelli Fox

Your best dates during the four months of this transit will involve conversation, because communication is highlighted for you now. Whether or not you'll make a lasting connection with someone special remains to be seen; the energy of this particular transit is less romantic than friendly. But hey, making new friends is good too, and friendship is a wonderful foundation for a romance.

Maybe you'll make a new buddy, or maybe you'll start something that will get more intense and sensual over time. Either way, you'll definitely learn a lot by going out with people who are different from you. You may not have the same opinions as them, but you'll have a great time debating the issues, discussing your likes and dislikes and solidifying your own opinions as you delve into theirs. Since you're so open to learning now, dates that involve learning something new could also be really fun, such as attending a couples' dance lesson, a cooking class or a Pilates session. You and your potential sweetie can experience the lesson together and then go talk all about it afterward -- what you each saw and heard and felt, and what you thought about it all.

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