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Jupiter trine Jupiter

A new lease on love

Kelli Fox

If you've been having a hard time in love or feeling like you're just never going to meet that special person that you've been seeking, take heart. This transit could bring you the romance you've been looking for, but at the very least it will renew your confidence and give you a new lease on love. You'll feel in balance, as if things are moving along as they should -- and they are.

Wherever you are in your love life -- still searching, going on dates, flirting with someone new -- you're exactly where you should be, and you know it now. You're not impatient to be anyplace but where you are, which could make you be complacent and not want to step any of your relationships or flirtations up to the next level. But don't fall into that trap; you'll use this time well if you can focus on your goals in love. Does that sound strange? It shouldn't; you can set goals for yourself and make a plan for finding romantic fulfillment just as much as you can plan for a satisfying career. There's no need to be too intense or driven about it, but identifying where you'd like to go in your love life is always a good idea.

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