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Jupiter trine Juno

A real winner

Kelli Fox

You're looking for a lover with whom you can expand as an individual, and you might find them during the four months of this transit. You want to join souls with someone who will still give you the space you need to complete your own journey through life, and that special person could come along at this time -- that person whose values match up with yours just well enough to make your conversations interesting; whose spirituality is just similar enough to yours to make you both feel like you're on the same spiritual plane, even if you're still pursuing your own truths. After all, you know you don't need to find your spiritual or philosophical twin in order to make a long-term commitment, but you do need to feel comfortable with your mate, as if they're on a similar spiritual quest in life.

You're especially attuned to that quality in others at this time. If you go on a date with someone new, you'll automatically start talking about deeper subjects, such as what you both believe in and what you're seeking in life. If you connect with someone who seems interesting on those levels, keep getting to know them; you might have found a real winner.

Jupiter trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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