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Jupiter square Venus

Passively looking for love

Kelli Fox

You're in the mood for love during this four-month transit, and you really want to reach out to someone special. It's possible that you won't feel very active or motivated, however, and you might wait for people to seek you out instead of doing the seeking yourself. That's okay, but it's better to take an active role in your own love life.

After all, you want to make sure you find a winner, don't you? It's possible that you'll start a new romance during this period, and if you do, it could be a very significant relationship in your life. But it might not be a very fun and easy one. There is a certain amount of tension that comes with this transit, and if you get involved with someone new, it could affect your relationship, especially in the way that you give and receive love. You might have a jealous or possessive connection with this person, which won't be easy for either of you to deal with. If this does happen, you can at least take comfort in the fact that you'll learn a lot from any relationship you begin now -- if only what not to do next time around.

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