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Jupiter square Uranus

Craving change

Kelli Fox

This transit could go one of two ways, one positive, one less so. Either way, you're feeling restless and itchy, ready for a change in your love life. If you've been getting to know someone special lately, all of a sudden they could start representing something to you that you won't like -- restriction, being held down -- and you could break it off prematurely.

That falls under the heading of 'less positive.' This transit is all about unexpected change, and if change doesn't enter your life on its own, you're likely to make it happen, and often not in a good or healthy way. You've got a sense that there are restrictive forces at work, holding you back from...something. What? Who knows -- it's pretty much in your mind. But you're going to rebel anyway, unless circumstances conspire to bring the change to you instead of you effecting it yourself. An existing flirtation could end; someone new and exciting could come around; or you could start dating more than one person at once in an effort to shake things up. That'll definitely do it! The question is, are you really ready for the kind of disruptions this transit can bring?

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