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Jupiter square Sun

Living la vida loca

Kelli Fox

You might have a great time during this transit, which could obscure its lesson -- that you need to exercise some discipline and restraint. If you're going out every night, going on dates with new people to bars and restaurants and nightclubs, you'll have a lot of fun, right? Except that you might not feel so great in the morning, and you could end up spending way more money than you can really afford.

And what will you have to show for it at the end of this four-month period? Not a lot, if you just keep living this debaucherous lifestyle. This period comes around only once every six years or so, so it's an important transit. It presents you with a challenge: will you just have empty fun, forming meaningless relationships with people you don't necessarily even have anything in common with, or will you recognize the need to get at least a little bit focused in your life, and make a plan for dating and finding that special someone? Clearly, option B would be the better choice of the two. But if you're not careful and conscious during this time, you'll default to option A, and you'll be broke and perhaps brokenhearted by the end of it.

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