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Jupiter square Pluto

An enlarged ego

Kelli Fox

You might think you're invincible during this four-month transit, and while confidence is definitely sexy, coming across as arrogant to a new date is definitely not. The energy of this transit increases your sense of invulnerability; you might feel like a superhero when it comes to dating and flirting and romance, and you could start to think you can't go wrong attracting hotties. You might enjoy a few moments (or days, or weeks) in the social limelight during this period, and if so, it will further increase your sense of overconfidence, as if you're the life of the party and everyone wants you in attendance.

That may be true, at least for a while; your Inbox could be full of Evites, and your voicemail jammed with calls from people who want you to go out with them, make an appearance at their parties and so on. Don't get too big for your britches, because your newfound popularity could fade fast if you start acting like you're the new hot thing in town. Furthermore, you could get obsessive about that special someone during this time, which would also be a definite turnoff. Try to hold yourself, and your ego, in check.

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