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Jupiter square Neptune

Sweet visions

Kelli Fox

You might be living in a dream world for the few months of this transit. That's a fun mental state to be in, but it's no good for starting up new relationships -- you're unable to read the other person properly, and you could end up ascribing all kinds of lovely characteristics to them that they don't really possess. You won't know them for who they truly are until this transit passes, which won't be for a few months.

Needless to say, you could have a rude awakening when things between you and this potential sweetie turn out not to be exactly what you thought they were. For one thing, you might give a little too much and not get enough out of your new relationship, which is another thing you won't realize until later. But in the meantime, you just want to be everything for your sweetie -- and you'll build them up in your head to be The One, even if you've just flirted or exchanged a few emails! Well, at least you'll have a good time, even if it is mostly in your head. You could learn a valuable lesson at this time -- how to translate the sweet visions in your head into actual reality, instead of deluding yourself with them.

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