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Jupiter square Mercury

Learning from strangers

Kelli Fox

You could learn a lot during the four months of this transit, but you'll have to decide to learn the lessons this period has to offer, and not close yourself off to the experience. You might come across to that special someone as being a bit arrogant or stuck on your own message, because you do have a heightened sense at this time of the importance of whatever it is that you want to say. Don't let that stop your from listening to other people.

You're probably feeling good during this period, high on life and ready to have a great time with whoever catches your eye. You might even go out with several different people, and overextend yourself socially. As long as you take care of yourself -- don't drink too much or do anything else excessive! -- and also take care not to step on anyone's toes, you should be fine. A good idea during this time might be to keep a journal about your thoughts, your experiences and your interactions with other people, because you're not likely to be able to put it all together until later, when this period is over. Especially if a potential sweetie lets you know they're less than impressed, pay attention to what they're telling you about yourself.

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