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Jupiter square Mars

Just a little too confident

Kelli Fox

You might feel like you can do no wrong during this four-month transit, because the energy influencing you at this time fills you with confidence and makes you assertive in the extreme. You're full of yourself, your own power and attractiveness, and you'll probably want to reach out to that cute person who's caught your eye and let them know who you are. There's nothing wrong with that, of course; the problem is, you might come on way too strong and end up alienating them -- even if under other, more normal circumstances, they would have really gone for you.

Even if they're attracted to your newfound confidence and want to know more about you, you could end up going overboard if you go out with them -- eating or drinking too much, or even spraining an ankle if you get overconfident in your ability to make that dunk shot or execute that perfect salsa move! Having to be carted home would just be embarrassing, so try to tone it down if you possibly can. This transit lasts several months, so you shouldn't stay away from dating altogether, but do try to be cautious and temperate about how you approach people.

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