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Jupiter square Juno

Drawn to excitement

Kelli Fox

This four-month transit could present some problems. You're on the lookout for someone with whom you can connect in a lasting, long-term way, and you might think you find them at this time. If you're attracted to someone in a big way, though, it's probably more because they excite you than because of any real deep and lasting similarities between you that could provide a good foundation for a relationship.

Excitement is certainly important, but the likelihood at this time is that you'll be drawn to people and flirtations that are excessive in nature. You'll fall hard and fast for someone who seems bigger than life to you, too good to be true -- and in fact, they just might be. Even if you have an amazing time with them out on a date, even if they make you laugh all night and impress you with their amazing philosophies on life, at the end of the day, they're still a human being, which means they're flawed just like everyone else. It's also likely that, no matter how much you really like and fall for someone during this transit, you'll ultimately find that your values just don't match up with theirs; and that will make a lasting commitment difficult to make.

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