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Jupiter sextile Venus

Feeling fun and flirty

Kelli Fox

You're a big flirt during this transit! In the best way. You're in the mood to get out there and mingle, and your social calendar will probably be booked for these four months.

You'll chat up every cutie that comes your way, and you'll probably make some new friends. Will one of them become a special friend? Who knows! The time is certainly right for romance. If you get romantically involved with someone now, it could be the beginning of something very special and significant. Either way, whether you just make new friends with potential or you actually start getting to know someone who really intrigues you, you'll make a great impression on everyone you're around. You're at your social best -- generous, gregarious, witty and charming. You want everyone to have a good time, so if you throw a party, you'll be the consummate host, making sure everyone's taken care of and having fun. And you, most of all, will have a great time. All your relationships will be important to you during this transit, so reach out to your close friends and family as well as that special someone who has caught your eye.

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