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Jupiter sextile Sun

A few months of easy living

Kelli Fox

Isn't it nice that every six years or so, you get a few months of easy living and seeming good luck? That's right -- that's how infrequent this transit is, so you should be sure to enjoy its effects! In general, you'll feel very good under the influence of this energy.

You're calm, happy, optimistic and just generally content with your position in life. So if someone special has caught your eye, so much the better -- it'll seem like the cherry on top of your cake. This person will contribute to your growth. Even if that doesn't happen during this period, you'll still be content with what these few months bring you, However, you probably will find someone you like at this time. Your mood is too gregarious and outgoing not to; people will be drawn to you for your high energy and your generosity. You could even meet someone special when you least expect it -- when you're out with friends, maybe, or at a party, just having a good time and not even thinking about romance. That's one of the best parts of this transit; it'll just bring nice things and people your way, and you won't even have to try to take advantage of the opportunities.

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