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Jupiter sextile Pluto

Making creative changes

Kelli Fox

This should be a 'lucky' transit for you -- meaning, it's not really luck at work, but a confluence of events that should bring about positive change in your life. It will just seem lucky, because so many new opportunities will come your way during this four-month period. You've got some special insight at this time into your own life, so take a look at your love life and your dating history.

What needs to change to make things better for you? Anything you can identify, you can change for the better. You might even experience an epiphany of sorts -- you could have an 'Ah-ha!' moment about your own romantic future. Your personal power is on high during this transit, so you'll probably attract even more admirers than usual; they'll be drawn to your charisma and your optimistic outlook on life. If you end up getting involved with someone special, it could become a significant relationship for both of you, because this period is about moving up a level in your personal life. Or, you might want to go out with different people, or go to parties and talk to everyone you meet. Either way, have a great time, and do what feels right.

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