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Jupiter sextile Mercury

A special time

Kelli Fox

You're very perceptive during this transit, which only comes about once every six years or so, so make the most of this energy! You're able to make good decisions about the people that come into your life now. If you're attracted to someone special during this time, it's probably for a good reason; you're reading people well, both their personalities, their intentions and their interest in you.

You won't shy away from a date with someone who's really different from you, either; quite to the contrary, you're interested in learning, in experience, and if you can go out with someone who can teach you something you didn't already know about the world, so much the better. You do have to reach out and take hold of the opportunities extended your way during this transit, however; don't just sit back and be lazy. Good things could come about through friends, so if they want to set you up with someone new on a blind date, say yes! You'll probably have a great time, and who knows? It could be the start of something really special. The contacts and decisions you make during this period could affect your life for years to come, so embrace the possibilities.

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