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Jupiter sextile Jupiter

Good changes for your future

Kelli Fox

Your social life could expand during this four-month transit, without even any special effort on your part. The invitations will just start coming in, and there might be so many that you'll have to choose which ones you can make and which you can't! Obviously, this increased social energy makes this the perfect transit to get things moving in your love life.

Go out dancing, to parties, anywhere your friends invite you; and say yes to offers for dates. You might be surprised at how well things go when you just open yourself up to the possibility of love. Don't stop with just going out and having a great time; that's a lot of fun, but there's also significant work you could be doing during this period. If you keep your eyes open, you'll start to identify things about your life or your dating habits that could stand some improvement. It'll be easy at this time for you to make the necessary changes. Have you been going after the right kind of person? Do you have enough confidence in yourself, or have you been projecting insecurities? Whatever it is, you can deal with it now and have a great experience.

Jupiter sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter sextile Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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  1. christine aday on January 27, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    lm envolved in a relationship that l want to work but he is in another state 1600 miles away

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