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Jupiter sextile Juno

The whole package

Kelli Fox

You might meet someone very special during this four-month transit, because all your instincts are tuned in to finding that sweet and special person whose beliefs and values in life will match up with yours. You won't want to spend time with anyone who is too radically different from you, not because you're scared of differences but because you know that you just couldn't be involved long-term with someone who didn't have the same basic, core values that you have. After all, what you believe in deep down in your heart is a lot of what makes you who you are, and finding someone that's similar to you on that level can ensure that your relationship will have a strong foundation that can endure through all kinds of obstacles.

This aspect will also strengthen your resolve to find a mate with whom you can grow as an individual, sexually, spiritually and in other ways. You're interested in finding not just someone who turns you on, or who excites your mind or makes you laugh; you're interested in finding the whole package. During this four-month transit, you might do just that, because your eyes and your heart are open and ready.

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