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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Aching for change

Kelli Fox

You are craving something or someone new in your life during this four-month transit, but the problem is, you might go to some outrageous lengths to make that happen. If you've been getting to know someone special, you might push them away, thinking you need to find someone new, someone different -- even though this person had a lot of potential. It would be a shame to cut off an existing flirtation with someone who really likes you, just for the sake of change; you could try to find change in some other arena than your love life, but it's likely that you'll focus on this feeling of restlessness within that realm.

Your potential sweetie could find you rather detached, even unreliable. Or you could be contrary with them, purposely picking arguments because you just can't seem to settle down and get along. On your end, what's going on is just that deep-rooted feeling of needing something to change in your daily existence; but why does it have to be at the expense of the people around you, or of your romantic prospects? It's not a good idea to alienate people who might be perfectly nice -- and who you would really like a lot, given a chance.

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