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Jupiter opposite Sun

Indulging in all that life has to offer

Kelli Fox

If you spend this four-month transit just indulging yourself in every single thing you want -- good food, new clothes or gadgets, trips and so on -- you'll certainly have a good time, but you'll feel empty at the end of it. After all, money sure can buy a lot, but it doesn't buy soul-deep happiness. That's what this transit is all about: what will make you happy and content down in your soul?

It's sure not that new pair of shoes or that shiny new car down at the lot, even though you might think it is. And it's not even a new special friend in your life, although being loved helps us to love ourselves better, which is certainly a huge component to soul-deep happiness. But the goodness that you stand to reap from this transit lies within you; not at the mall, and not in that cutie who's caught your eye. By all means, go out with the cutie anyway! Just don't spend too much money, because you'll tend toward excess and overindulgence at this time, which could mean bounced charges. Try to make more of a spiritual connection with your special someone; becoming emotionally, spiritually intimate will help you to grow as a person and to get to know yourself even better.

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